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PT. Aetra Air Jakarta (Aetra) is the Pam Jaya's partner in managing water supply and distribution for East side of Jakarta (East side of Ciliwung River). In year 2013, total Aetra's customer is ± 400 thousands domestic customers, government entities, and commercial.
Currently, Aetra is facing obstacles to broaden its service area in dense residential areas where there is impossibility to install new pipelines due to narrow location or too far away from the existing trunk main pipes. With all the limitations within existing related regulations or financial feasibilities, Aetra still commits to bring into reality the Government's target, as stated in MDG's target, 80 % service coverage of water supply in 2015. Kios Air is one of the solutions proposed by Aetra to expand the water supply's service coverage within Aetra's area of responsibilities.
Kios Air that was built at Kecamatan Cilincing, is the development of Aetra's experience in developing Tandon Air in the year of 2006, which at that time could not continue due to lack of sustainable operational management. The objectives of the research are to analyze how effective is Kios Air for water supply management, as well as to evaluate public participation's model that is suitable for managing Kios Air, so that it can be sustainable, with research's area at Kecamatan Cilincing, North of Jakarta.
Results of the research are:
1. Kios Air is proven effective in providing water supply services for urban settlement area in North of Jakarta.
2. Kios Air can support Government's program in expanding service coverage of water supply, in DKI Jakarta.
3. A Realism Model of Public Participation can guarantee the sustainability management of Kios Air. The actors of public participation in this model have led to some interest groups and other organized group, i.e. KSPA (Kelompok Swadaya Pengguna Air/Water Usage Self-supporting Group).
4. Kios Air enables public to have access to clean water at an affordable price, therefore it is expected also changing people's behavior in keeping the environment clean and healthy.